Cylindrical, metal bushing inserts with threads on the inside and application specific features on the outside (like knurling or threads) that lock and anchor the insert into a plastic, wood, or metal substrate.


Improve Strength and Reduce Wear


Easy Installation


Product types

Press Fit

Hardened Press-In Inserts – Series 20117 Type: HPI

Series 20117 Type HPI Inserts, offer very hard wearing threads in lighter alloys, preventing the stripping of threads where multiple installation / removal of the mating screw is likely. They are also suitable for repairing damaged threads in alloys and castings.. There is no requirement for pre- tapped holes, they simply press into a pre-drilled hole using a toggle or fly press.

Self Tapping

Screw Fit Inserts – Series 20105 Type: SC

The SC range of self tapping inserts can be used in soft and hard plastics and alloys. The slot at the lead end helps to break away swarf during the tapping process. The extensive range of sizes and materials make them a very versatile insert with many uses.