The blind rivets are fastening systems that allow high-speed blind assemblies, working on one side only. The blind rivets comes with different types of head: dome, countersunk or large.


When a blind rivet is set, a self-contained mechanical feature expands the rivet’s shank, securing the parts being joined. These rivets are most often installed in joints which are accessible from only one side. Blind rivets are also used to simplify assembly, improve appearance, or decrease cost where both sides of the joint are accessible. Blind riveting offers portability — the riveting can be brought to the work. This is valuable for large assemblies.

Blind rivets should be used where:

Blind rivets are classified as pull mandrel, threaded, or drive pin, according to the methods by which they are set.


For the installation of the blind rivets, Rivit can offer a comprehensive range of proper riveting tools, which can either be hydropneumatic or pneumatic, cordless or hand ones.


For a better aesthetic result of their application, blind rivets can be either colored or painted,.

They are ideal for use in a huge variety of applications in sheet metal working, building industry, industrial productions, automotive, marine, structural works, HVAC and electronics.

This fastening system ensures ease and speed of application, as it requires just three steps: insertion into the hole, deformation of the rivet body and breaking of the mandrel.


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