It is a quick and safe fixing system. It gives answer to assembling problems on plqtes, folded sheet metal and thin walls, even when already painted.

Self clinching are usually press-applied. They can be studs, nuts, stand offs or captive fasteners.

They are available in steel, stainless steel and zinc plated steel.


The Rivit self clinching are safe and fast systems, that solve many problems of assembly of sheet metals, box-shaped pieces, and thin sheets already treated with paint, and they are usually installed under pressure.

Product types

Product type

Rivit offers a comprehensive range of self clinching fasteners:

clinch-studs.jpg nuts.jpg standoffs.jpg.jpg preassembled-panel.jpg


The quick fastening systems are particularly used for industrial applications and for thin sheet metal working.

For very fast applications of the self clinching fasteners, Rivit highly recommends the use of the manual toggle press..


Rivit self-clinching