Quick-release fastening systems

QUICKLOC® clamp, rotation and pressure locks are ideal for repeatedly releasable joints and quick assembly.


QUICKLOC® quick releases are used in almost every industry. They are cost-effective, adjustable in colour and design, maintenance-free, vibration-resistant and captive.

Apart from the standard types we offer the opportunity to produce customer-specific designs. Thanks to innovative solutions, we are able to solve every task in the field of quick-release technology.

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QUICKLOC® Function example

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Product types

Versions of QUICKLOC® quick-release fasteners

QUICKLOC® standard design

Many different designs of QUICKLOC® locking bolts and lock bottoms are always on stock. Please find more information in our product catalogue.


QUICKLOC® special design

Feel free to contact us for customised quick releases.



Application examples

QUICKLOC® clamp, rotation and pressure locks are used in all fields of industry where repeatedly releasable joints are required which can be quickly and easily mounted.

QUICKLOC® systems are being used for example in rail traffic, automotive engineering, medical engineering, compressor technology, heating engineering and aviation.

QUICKLOC® quick-release fastener

Fastening a diesel particulate filter to the vehicle body


QUICKLOC® special design

Bench seat fastening in a minivan