The fastening system for quick installation

The two-piece SNAPLOC® fastening system consists of a ball stud and a coupling for quick installation and is based on the principle of a simple snap connection.


Since plug-in connections only consist of two component parts, they are easy to assemble and detach.

SNAPLOC® joints can be integrated into the design of the corresponding components.



SNAPLOC® plug-in connections consist of a ball stud and a coupling. Inside the coupling there is a ball socket the ball stud can snap into.

The coupling is mounted to the bottom of the corresponding components into the provided frame and held there form-closedly.

The ball stud can be screwed, adhered or clipped onto the corresponding components.

Joining by plugging in and removing by pulling ensure an ideal fit.


Product types

SNAPLOC® ball studs

Metal-plastic combination with external thread

Metal-plastic combination with internal thread

SNAPLOC® K’ in K’ – securely screwed into plastic

Solid plastic in clip form

Solid plastic for injection moulding

SNAPLOC_Bolzen_AGewinde.jpg SNAPLOC_Bolzen_Gewinde.jpg SNAPLOC_BolzenKinK1.jpg SNAPLOC_BolzenClip.jpg SNAPLOC_Anwendung.jpg

SNAPLOC® couplings

Couplings for mounting domes with or without a collar

Coupling for plate fastenings

SNAPLOC_Kupplungen.jpg SNAPLOC_KupplungenPlatte.jpg


SNAPLOC® applications are employed in many fields of different industries such as

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