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2-component epoxy resin system water-based (solvent-free)

for coating flat floors made of concrete, stone or wood, creates a visually appealing, smooth new surface.

standard for light loads (matte or glossy)
extra strong heavy duty (slightly shiny)

  • easy to apply, no specialist knowledge required
  • can be applied also on existing coatings
  • chemical – and oil-resistant, waterproof, dust-free, almost odorless
  • primer required (we recommend dmd epoxy primer)
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Product descriptions

  • Description

  • coating approx. 1-2 days after treatment
  • can be walked on after approx. 12 hours, full chemical resistance after 7 days
  • installation temperature of + 10 to + 30 ° C
  • installation condition dry, clean, dust and grease-free
  • processing time after making the mixture up to 90 minutes


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