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Mats design according to requirements and measurement.

  • PVC loop-pile mats with safety signs with closed back and all-round trip protection edge
  • Back-slip
  • safety signs dyed (not printed!)
  • slip-resistant surface
  • unit price includes tool and layout implementation for up to 4 colors
  • other dimensions and more than 4 colours on request
  • minimum order quantity 5 piece
  • delivery time: 3 weeks from logo approval (PDF file of the logo is required)
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Anti-slip products

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Product descriptions

  • Description
  • Additional Information

  • circumferential edge protection tripping
  • slip resistance R10 (BGR 181)
  • Displacement space V10 (BGR 181)
  • fatigue-resistant
  • temperature insulating
  • sound-insulating
  • on almost all substrates
  • very high abrasion resistance

UV-stable largely
Easy cleaning


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