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The fastening system for quick installation

The two-piece SNAPLOC® fastening system consists of a ball stud and a coupling for quick installation and is based on the principle of a simple snap connection.

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Product descriptions

  • Product characteristics
  • Installation procedures
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Since plug-in connections only consist of two component parts, they are easy to assemble and detach.

SNAPLOC® joints can be integrated into the design of the corresponding components.

SNAPLOC® is a two-part system – ball stud and coupling – for fast installation.
The coupling is inserted into the bottom of the respective cover in a specially designed mounting and held in a closed-form. The ball stud can be screwed into various mating components.
Simply push-fit to connect and pull apart to detach – SNAPLOC® provides optimal fastening

SNAPLOC® ball studs
Metal-plastic combination with external thread
  • Ball stud with metal external threads
  • Available in the most different thread forms
Metal-plastic combination with internal thread
  • Ball stud with metal internal threads
  • Available in the most different thread forms
SNAPLOC® K’ in K’ – securely screwed into plastic
  • Due to special developed thread profiles, SNAPLOC® with K’ in K’ function enables a solution for self-tapping screw connections
Solid plastic in clip form
  • Fastening by simple clipping into an opening
  • Especially suitable for applications for which no thread or stud can be inserted in the component
Solid plastic for injection moulding
  • Ball studs which are suitable for the insertion into injection moulding tools and for the process of in-moulding
SNAPLOC® couplings
Couplings for mounting domes with or without a collar
  • Can be automatically or manually plugged into the corresponding receiving openings.
  • No additional tool required
  • Very short assembly time
Coupling for plate fastenings
  • Are fastened in a drill hole or square opening by simple impressio


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