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The FUJILOK U-NUT has an international reputation built on over 30 years.
The FUJILOK U-NUT is used worldwide in many engineering applications. It is recognized as the most reliable of all metal locking nuts. The FUJILOK U-NUT can be customized to fit your unique requirements with regard to material, dimension, and finish.
FUJILOK U-NUT is used by Government civil and defense projects , public utility corporation (water, energy), railways, and many leading manufacturers.

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Product descriptions

  • Product characteristics
  • Installation procedures

  • Fastening function – fujilok guarantees long lasting resistance to vibration.
  • Prevention of loosening – early stage loosening of the fujilok are prevented even if the axial tensions lowered.
  • Simple to use – simple fastening saves time and improves productivity.
  • Single part – one part,one way to install,simple,easy,effective.

The FUJILOK U-NUT is comprises of a nut and friction ring (special spring stainless steel) .
The friction ring is attached to the top face of the nut by crimping.
A stress P is produced by the spring effect of the stainless steel friction ring coming into contact with the screw thread as shown in the illustration. The P and its reaction force P’ press strongly against the screw threads to produce a frictional torque(prevailing torque)above The prevailing prevents the turning of the screw,generation an excellent locking effect.


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