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IMTEC® refers to the „In-Moulding TEChnology“ and describes the in-moulding of metal thread inserts with plastics before ejection.

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Product descriptions

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IMTEC® – The joining solution for the in-moulding technology
  • Inserting of wear-free and resilient metal threads in high-quality plastics
  • Generation of blind hole threads or through hole threads, depending on customer components
  • Combining specific advantages of the different materials
  • Plastic-metal components provide for advantages such as reduced weight, improved corrosion resistance and component cleanliness
  • IMTEC® moulded inserts are particularly suitable for thermoset and thermoplastic materials

Component cleanliness, weight reduction, improved corrosion protection

In many fields of application, in-moulding of metal fasteners with plastics is the solution.

IMTEC® moulded inserts are benefiting of the advantageous synergy effect of high strength metals in combination with plastics.

IMTEC® moulded inserts are placed into the mould manually or by means of a handling system. Only the core pins of the injection mould have to be geometrically adapted to the IMTEC® moulded inserts.


The IMTEC CO thread insert for in-moulding is an asymmetric rolled stainless steel A2 (option A4) wire which is mainly used for customer components with blind hole threads. That wire is coiled to form a fixed bushing with at least one flange-type extension. In the forming process, the fasteners are also sufficiently magnetised and can be placed on magnetic core pins manually or by means of handling systems.


  • Maximum usable thread length
  • Corrosion and acid resistance
  • Increased technical cleanliness (residual dirt minimisation)
  • High extraction force due to an optimisation of flank covering in plastics
  • Weight reduction of the component

The IMTEC CF thread inserts with „double flange“ are produced from steel by cold forming. The in-moulding technology requires particularly accurate thread inserts. The deformation area on the IMTEC CF allows precisely adjusting the length of the thread insert according to the mould dimension. Upon closing, the parts of the mould compress the IMTEC CF and precisely adjust the length of the component (L ± 0.05 mm). IMTEC CF is primarily intended for components with through hole threads.


  • Very large flange diameters possible
  • Deformation area for length adjustment of the insert; close length tolerances < L ± 0.05 mm
  • Torque resistance by hexagonal design or knurls
  • Pull out resistance by providing significant under cuts
  • No metal-cutting operation
  • Also feasible as compression limiter


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