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Quick-release fastening systems

QUICKLOC® clamp, rotation and pressure locks are ideal for repeatedly releasable joints and quick assembly

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Product descriptions

  • Product characteristics
  • Installation procedures
  • Product types

QUICKLOC® quick releases are used in almost every industry. They are cost-effective, adjustable in colour and design, maintenance-free, vibration-resistant and captive.

Apart from the standard types we offer the opportunity to produce customer-specific designs. Thanks to innovative solutions, we are able to solve every task in the field of quick-release technology.

Your benefits
  • Quick assembly without tools
  • Opening by left or right turn
  • No corrosion
  • Easy locking by turning or axial pressure
  • Free choice of colours
  • Reduced weight

QUICKLOC® Quick releases – Function:
1. Clipping the receptacle into a square or rectangular hole.
2. Clip-fastened receptacle.
3. Insertion of locking bolt into bore hole; optional locking with retaining washer.
4. To lock the joint, the locking bolt is screwed into the receptacle under light pressure and locks in due to the fittingly shaped curve geometry. Thanks to its geometry, it is then held in place without clearance
5. When the joint is opened by a clockwise or counterclockwise quarter turn, the elastic part of the receptacle is stretched and the locking bolt released.

QUICKLOC® Quick releases – Designs:
QUICKLOC® standard design
Different designs of QUICKLOC® locking bolts and lock bottoms are always on stock or can be produced with short lead times. Please see pages 10 to 12 for the design range. Apart from those designs, QUICKMatch can be used to configure more than 2,000 different variants. Please do not hesitate to ask.
QUICKLOC® special design
Feel free to contact us for customised quick releases.


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