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Electric screwdrivers MFC

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DOGA tools are designed for lower torque outputs. Their electric screwdrivers provide you with a wide range of torques (from 0,08 to 4,41 Nm) and rotation speeds. Their brushless electric screwdrivers on the other hand are designed for high production environments. They are maintenance free, which reduces their life-time cost. Their biggest assets is their price/performance ratio.

They have the following characteristics:
- High comfort lever: thanks to ergonomic design and low sound and heat emissions
- Virtually maintenace free: brushless motor, no carbon brush, trigger and reverse are contactless switches, over-heat and over-current built in alarms
- Increased production quality: ESD protection, accurate clutch and softstop clutch mechanism
- Controllers: SMPS technology (switching modulation): the connected screwdriver always delivers constant rotation speed and fastening force even for demanding fastening processes (soft joint, self-tapping tightening...)
- Counting and Poka Yoke unit: low cost traceability solution to increase the quality of manufacturing. The unit detects screw omission, cross thread, washer omission etc.

- Brushless electric screwdrivers
- Air screwdrivers
- Hybrid screwdrivers
- Torque reaction arms
- Torque measuring tools


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