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Multiple latching options provide a wide range of choices for mounting dimension flexibility and grip adjustment, as well as the ability to conceal all mounting hardware and latching functions under the handle.

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Camloc Tension Latches

EN Version

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Camloc Quick Operating

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Product descriptions

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Adjustable latches are secure locking systems for industrial applications. By exceeding the dead center they resist vibration.

The latches can be screwed down or riveted.

  • Tension latches are a safe locking system for industrial applications.
  • They can take high tensile loads. Lateral forces must be kept off the tension latch by the design of the parts linked with each other.
  • Via lever action, the panels connected with the tension latch and the strike are pulled together.
  • If nessessary, a stop must be provided.
  • Positive lock is achieved when drawhook center is beyond the common center line of the base and strike.
  • For unlocking, the secondary lock is operated and the handle lifted.
  • For locking, the secondary lock automatically engages.
  • Most of the tension latches can be adjusted by a drawhook.
  • For fixed series, a spring-steel drawhook serves for tolerance compensation.

Tension Latches
  • V934L Series , 95L Series, V96L Series,  1429L Series,  V951L Series,  V917L & 1449L Series,   V18L Series, V46L Series
Slam Latches
  • 2939L Series, 52F Series , 2812L Series


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