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SONICSERT® – thread inserts for ultrasonic installation

After-moulding insertion into plastic parts bears many benefits:

  • Shorter injection cycles and thus lower manufacturing costs for plastic components
  • Safe, stress-free anchorage
  • High pull-out and torsion values
  • Any repeated screwing as opposed to self-forming screws
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Product descriptions

  • Product characteristics
  • Installation procedures

SONICSERT® ultrasonic installation
  • Ideal for thermoplastic components
  • Insertion by ultrasonic installation

Upon ultrasonic installation, the plastic is liquified so that it can flow into the undercut of the SONICSERT® thread insert. Upon cooling, a low-stress interference is realised.

The advantages
  • Suitable for thermoplastic parts
  • Especially designed for ultrasonic installation
  • Screw-locked and low-tension anchoring
  • High pull-out values
  • Type 0730 can be installed from both sides.
  • Advantages for automatic feed, since no directional orientation is required.

The SONICSERT® thread insert is installed with common ultrasonic welders. Upon welding, the plastic material is plasticised by ultrasonic vibrations and flows into the undercuts of the thread insert. Upon cooling, a low-stress interference is realised.


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