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Permanently screw connections without nuts: enhanced process reliability for thin sheet materials

Due to the economic advantages, the use of lightweight construction is on the increase in many industries. However, the technical implementation is often a major challenge. This is why we developed the QUICK FLOW® self-tapping fastener: it enables secure and permanent connection of particularly thin sheet materials and thin-walled components without the need for internally threaded elements.



Advantages of QUICK FLOW®

Cutting process costs
With QUICK FLOW®, there is no need for punching or pre-punching. The screw tip penetrates the metal, forming its own rim hole.

Fast and automated: assembly using QUICK FLOW® thin sheet screws enables short cycle times.


Universally applicable: QUICK FLOW® thin sheet screws can be used immediately as they do not require suitable internally threaded elements.

QUICK FLOW® thin sheet screws can be loosened and tightened repeatedly.

Our QUICK FLOW® thin sheet screws are available in different sizes and dimensions.


QUICK FLOW® – universal and cost-effective fasteners for thin sheet materials
Increase productivity while reducing connection costs
Nowadays, many thin sheet materials or thin-walled components are so thin that internally threaded elements are required for the necessary stability when joining them. Thanks to the QUICK FLOW® thin sheet screw, you can do without these additional elements. This improves your productivity while also reducing connection costs. Automated assembly is also possible.

The QUICK FLOW® self-tapping fastener basically forms its own thread. The stable spiral tip means that pre-punching is unnecessary for the screw connection. The screw first enters the sheet metal, forms a rim hole and then cuts a reusable metric thread. High overtorque values ensure the necessary process reliability.

The formed mating thread has a favourable height at the fastening point and a fine thread pitch. The result is adequate coverage of the metric thread flanks. With QUICK FLOW®, it is easy to join together different materials such as aluminium and steel.


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