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Rivets are speed fastening systems for non-removable joints. Rivit is leader in Italy for the production of fasteners, of which it offers a wide range created to satisfy the most various needs and uses.

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Rivets and eyelets

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The rivets have to be clinched to get two parts assembled; they create very strong connections which result to be also aesthetically pleasing.
The Rivit rivets are effective and versatile fastening system, and they are deliverable in a wide range of types:

  • Solid rivets, with normal round head, cylindrical flat head, large round head or countersunk head
  • Semi-tubolar rivets, with round, cylindrical or countersunk head
  • Special semi-tubolar rivets, made of brass
  • Semi-tubolar rivets with conical recess, in aluminum or brass
  • Special solid rivets, in aluminum
  • Tubular rivets, in brass or copper
  • Self-tapping rivets, featuring press-insertion into the hole
  • Hammer drive rivets, having aluminum body and stainless steel mandrel.

Eye lets are drawn studs, and they can be either blind or with through-hole. The eye lets are part of the family of fasteners. This fastening system consists of drawn studs, with trough or blind hole. They are used to create junctions or to joint two or more elements together.

The Rivit eye lets are available in different sizes and usually are realized in brass, nickel-plated brass and in brass-plated or nickel plated steel.

Placing of eye lets is done by appropriate tools, such as small hand presses, treadle operated eyeleting machines with cartridge, or pneumatic eyeleting machines with cartridge, according to the work to be done.


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